Final Program

The seminar will take place in the lecture hall at

PTB, Hermann-von-Helmholtz building, Abbestr 2-12, 10587 Berlin.

ready to print:   final_program_day1.pdf   final_program_day2.pdf

Thursday, November 5th

09:00Registration & Poster Setup
10:00F. ScholzeOpening and Overview of PTB Activities in VUV and EUV MetrologyPTB
Session I: EUVL
10:20V. BanineEUV lithography nowASML
10:40H. EnkischOverview of EUV Lithography at Carl Zeiss SMT: status and trends in optical coatingsCZ SMT
11:00A. UllrichRecent developments in EUV photomask metrologyAMTC
11:20Y. EkinciScanning coherent diffraction imaging techniques for EUV photomask metrologyPSI
11:40P. NaujokBeyond‐EUV multilayer coatings for next generation lithographyIOF
13:00Poster Session
Session II: Sources & Instrumentation for EUV
14:20A. MeseckAccelerator based EUV Sources
14:40T. MeyBeam diagnostics at EUV wavelengthsLLG
15:00J. ViekerCompact discharge based EUV Source for metrology and inspectionILT
15:20L. JuschkinApplication of lens‐less imaging techniques for nano‐scale microscopy employing plasma‐based EUV source
15:40U. KleinebergCr/Sc ML mirrors for isolated attosecond pulsesLMU
16:00Coffee Break
Session III: Space instrumentation
16:40U. ArpImproved Ultraviolet Metrology Capabilities at SURF IIINIST
17:00R. SchäferAbsolute UV/EUV detection based on ionization chamber measurementsIPM
17:20M. CaldwellVUV calibration of the space‐flight solar instrument SPICE at MLSRAL
17:40S. GissotEUV characterization of (P43/P46) phosphor coated FSI CMOS image sensors for solar observationsROB
19:00Get Together, Dinner Buffet
22:00End of Day 1

 Friday, November 6th

08:30Opening of Day 2
Session IV: Scatter techniques
08:40V. HolyDiffuse x‐ray reflection from randomly rough multilayers ‐ beyond the standard fractal modelU Prague
09:00A. HaaseInterface properties of multilayer mirrors with sub‐nanometer layer thicknessesPTB
09:20A. MaryasovEUV scattering metrology with high‐brightness discharge plasma sourceRWTH
09:40S. HeidenreichComparison of sampling methods and application to scatterometryPTB
10:00Coffee Break
Session V: Spectroscopy & Surfaces
10:40E. teSligteEBL2, a flexible and controlled EUV exposure and surface analysis systemTNO
11:00D. BleinerConcomitant surface microscopy and spectroscopy in the lab enabled by plasma‐driven XUVEMPA
11:20I. MantouvalouNovel Spectroscopic Schemes using a Highly Brilliant Laser‐Produced Plasma SourceTUB
11:40J.I. LarruquertOptical‐constant metrology of VUV thin‐film materialsCSIC
Session VI: Optics & Materials
13:20T. FeiglEUV optics with integrated IR suppression gratingsOptixfab
13:40A. GattoLast developments for high end optical gratings and microstructured opticsCZ Jena
14:00F. SiewertOn the characterization of ultra‐precise mirrors for use at FEL‐beamlines by use of slope measuringHZB
14:20 E. MeltcahkovDesign, deposition and metrology of EUV multilayer coatings for SR, FEL and space applicationsIO/LCF
14:40K. NikolaevHigh resolution X‐ray diffraction in extremely asymmetrical conditionU Twente
15:00S. YulinInterface‐engineered EUV/Soft X‐ray multilayer mirrorsIOF
15:20A. GottwaldWrap‐up and ClosingPTB
15:30End of the Seminar