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VUV and EUV instrumentation
1E.F. BarteSoft X‐ray generation under the action of pico and nanosecond laser pulses on
nano‐structured target
TU Prague
2R. LokasaniXUV emission from highly ionized plasmas of 2nd transition row elements,
irradiated by Q‐switched N
TU Prague
3J. van VeldhovenTowards a contamination‐tolerant EUV power sensorTNO
4L. Rodriguez‐de MarcosVUV reflectometer for in‐situ measurement of coatingsCSIC
5M. TryusA spatially resolving non‐destructive tool for multi‐angle EUV spectroscopic
6J. BußmannCoherent diffractive imaging for actinic inspection with EUV light produced by
a laboratory‐scale gas discharge radiation source
7A. SokolovAn XUV At‐Wavelength Metrology facility at BESSY‐IIHZB
8F. NawazCapillary discharge based soft X‐ray imaging setup, using Fresnel zone plate
(FZP) optics
TU Prague
9D. WilsonLaboratory‐based photoemission spectro‐microscopy at 71.7 eV for studies of
complex materials
Optics & Materials
10P. PennartzRecent Developments for X‐ray Optics, from EUV to hard X‐RaysRigaku
11O. HofmannInvestigation of Luminescent Materials for EUV Metrology Applications
12A. ComissoOptical Properties of TiO2 thin films from soft x‐ray reflectivity measurementsU Padova
13F. LiuEUV induced secondary electron emission on HfO2, SnO2, and Ru thin filmsMESA+
14A. ZameshinFree‐form approach to reconstruct periodic multilayer structure from X‐Ray
U Twente
15E. DarlattDegradation of organic thin films by UV/VIS irradiation investigated by UPS
and XPS
16T. SiefkeVUV wire grid polarizer based on interband absorption
17A. SorokinGas‐monitor detectors for x‐ray FELsDESY
18V. ZabrodskiiSiPM for direct VUV registrationIoffe
19V. ZabrodskiiVUV detector based on SiCIoffe
Scatter techniques
20S. BurgerFEM Maxwell solver for EUV and X‐ray scattering applicationsJCMwave
21H. GroßImpact of different LER patterns on scattered light intensitiesPTB